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A lesson in humility


8th August 2015

I just had one of those moments, the eye opener.  Last post I talked about cringing when writing a love/sex scene but you know what there are worse things.  I follow a blog by a lady called Marie Lavender which I will link in a moment and she makes some wonderful points.  I am hoping that people I know will understand that starting this blog was in no way some sort of ego trip.  I understand I don't know anything about writing so I am not setting myself up here in a cushy corner as an expert on what it takes to write despite the fancy title of my blog.  

I started this to voice my fears and that of others I know and some I don't about taking that first step into this very challenging, frightening but above all seductive world of the word on the page.  On reading this particular piece of Marie's blog I suddenly realised that I may know what I am doing this for but it is so open to misinterpretation by others.  Actually a lot in life is like that and I could tell you stories (notice I didn't say write).  So I am going to do two things - tell you why I started this and then let you read some good stuff about writing about writing.

I started this to create two audiences.  The first audience I hoped for is people like me so there could be a forum of a million and one things about this process we suddenly find ourselves a part of. I wanted a place to express those hopes, dreams and fears. I am lucky to have met both Kay and Alison so I don't travel this path alone.  My eldest daughter also understands this need to do this and I am hoping she may add her voice.  She is very talented but has pushed aside her writing at least for now so this venue may entice her from time to time whilst she sorts out other priorities.  

Secondly I am selfishly hoping to build an audience for my coming books.  People that read this will know I am open to their ideas and thoughts and for me that means I get better.  I have to be honest - I am a writer because I write but I want to be a writer who is read so this blog lets people, or I hope it will, have their say on improving what I do.  I will listen, I may resist and argue but I will listen because I want to make people happy if only for a few hours.

Now let's look at what Marie says  

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P.S.  I hope I did this properly
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