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The Perfect one?

What a week this has been. I need to update my laptop and of course have spent many hours researching for the perfect one, and am now more confused than when I first started.
Which got me thinking about research.
I love research. I love delving into information about a chosen topic.  It brings another level to writing that I find fascinating.  It is how just a single fact can develop a story in ways you had never thought of before. Or how something can catch your eye and a story develop from that.
A couple of years ago, I drifted away from my series and began another story. I had an idea, but I wanted to give an object a new name. So I researched the object and ended up being distracted by the history of the person who gave the object that name. I took some of his history and entwined it amongst my characters, giving them, I hope, a more explosive life. And the object in question received a new name!
I still have books upon books of mythologies from all over the world; more dictionaries than I will ever need; photo books of castles, countries and people; and numerous books about religions. Yes, this was years before the internet.
Yet, as much as I love research, and research is an important part of writing, I have also discovered that too much research can make you lose track of your aim.
Hence, I still have no idea which laptop I am going to choose...
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