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Too much thinking and not enough action

Ciao tutti,

This will be a very short piece which for me is very good.  I start a sentence and end up a paragraph and then that becomes a short story and then we have a novel.  Wow you may be thinking!  Such great control over what is being put down on paper!  Amazing!  It sounds so easy!

Did I forget to mention that everything happens in my head?  Yep, in my head or at least that has been the case for the last three weeks.  Is it writer's block? I would love to say yes as it makes me sound like a real writer.  The truth is I am feeling a little overwhelmed with what I am trying to do.  It is hard to want something so much.

Last night however I had some friends over or rather my daughter did as currently I am in Sydney visiting her and other family. Some time ago I met these wonderful young ladies at a writer's get-together and I had forgotten how inspiring they are just by existing just like my beta-readers in Townsville.  They have over time become good friends with my daughter so whenever I visit and that is not easy at all these days we organise for all of us to meet up.  Getting involved in conversations about the arts in general (we were joined by another new friend who is an artist) the magic reared it's head, and it wasn't ugly.  It is hard not to get on the positive energy train when talent is all around you but more importantly willing to support you.  Good, bad or indifferent I want to write and I want it published so here I am writing a blog entry just in case someone else out there is stuck. I am trying my best to pay it forward.  Receiving makes you want to give back.

Your inspiration is all around you if you care to look or better still make the effort to find it.  Sometimes it happens upon you by coincidence like meeting this very interesting poet through my daughter (again) just by changing my surroundings.  I am hoping he will let us introduce you to his work on this blog very soon.

So get out of your head and put pen to paper, fingers to computer and let it happen.  Having others read what you write is another story and remember I did say this would be short.

28th September 2015 in Sydney

P.S. I really hope there are no mistakes in this as I have written it as it came out of my head.  I didn't want to risk it staying there. LOL

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