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Which Way To Go?


Barb and Kay  have blogged about some important factors that all writers have to deal with, especially when first starting out.
We all want our stories published. We all want to have a connection with our readers. But the biggest hurdle can be deciding how to be published?
Shall I send in manuscripts to publishing companies and agonize over the synopsis?
Do I publish myself online?
Or do I spend a small fortune to pay someone to help me self publish?
Frankly all three choices scare me.
At one stage I was looking into spending a small fortune and self publish that way. But the costs that were quoted kept changing: 'If you pay an extra $500 we can market your book here and give you free editorial service', and it just went on from there. If I had gone with the complete package, it would have cost me tens of thousands of dollars. If that type of publishing works for some people, good for them. I wish them all success. But I couldn't afford that kind of money. And the line I was fed - 'Are you just going to ignore your dreams?' when I decided not to go ahead with it, had me hanging up the phone before the consultant could say another word. They then proceeded to  phone me, even though I said no, on and off over the next few hours. I am so not giving up on my dream to be published, I am just not going to do a way that will cost me thousands of dollars.
So I will continue to agonise over my synopsis and send out manuscripts in the hope that one day.... And I will continue to blog and hopefully gather enough courage to publish online.
Little steps.
I have a few short stories.... Maybe I'll just begin with blogging them?

Barb, Kay, you up for some more editing?

Enjoy dreaming - never stop.


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