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Alliteration, my very dear old friend

Ciao all,

     I didn't think I would be blogging again so soon as real life, that is my work life is demanding I do some preparation for my kids at school tomorrow.  However I couldn't resist.

     In my quest to learn about this craft I subscribe to many magazines and newsletters.  I had one come in today by an Aussie author.  Bernadette Rowley is releasing a new book in a few weeks called The Elf King's Lady and is running a giveaway.  For this competition she wanted readers to describe in seven words (7) what they thought romance might be.  A challenge indeed!  I also like to support others in this overwhelming profession that I am dipping my toes into along with Kay and Alison.  It doesn't matter whether it is in our genre or not.  In fact as you know the three of us are all very different and the results exciting and I hope we too will get support from others out there as it does make such a difference.

     So I thought to myself let's do this.  This was what I came up with:

For me romance is, should be, I would like it to be, or hope it would be the following seven words:

Reach, realise, reveal, reap, remain and relish!

How did I do?  I like it because it says it all and concisely. Have I done the word romance justice?Does it answer the question posed?  It was actually very hard to do in so little words.  For what I managed to come up with I thank my friend alliteration, the easiest of all the poetic devices and sometimes I think simplicity works best.  Is it good enough to win?  Probably not!  I never win anything.anyway and I am not sure whether my entry conjures up enough even if there are so many pictures in my head when I look at it. I guess, maybe I should think in terms of metaphors, similes, personification...I have to stop now before I run out of knowledge.

Let me know what you think?

P.S.  Kay and Alison, can you think of something?

P.P.S  You know the expression, it ain't easy being green?  It ain't easy being a writer but it sure is interesting.

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