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Another lovely find!

Ciao everyone,

It's lovely to see how many people have viewed us already.  I am selfish though and wish people would leave comments as I would so love to improve the blog, and all suggestions are most welcome.  Kay and Alison also agree and like me are thinking of putting up little teasers of our books because ultimately it is the reader who creates the writer.  Wow, to have reader input would be fantastic.

Have I explained that we are writers of different genres?  Kay is more science fiction although I wouldn't necessarily say that is all she is.  Her work crosses over to so much more and often I am quite jealous of her talents.  Alison also is amazing.  From paranormal to fantasy is not at all out of her realm of ability as I am finding with her latest project.  They inspire me to do better and I have to say I have quite a few projects of my own but at present I am the contemporary romance contingent.  We are all very close to publishing and are so grateful to have each to bolster us but more to give honest feedback.  They both think I have too much sex in my little manuscript effort but is there too much?  Yes! There is! I've had to have a word to my characters about behaving quite often of late.

Romance is not my only path either.  Like them, Alison and Kay, I am an avid reader, and would like to try my hand at a psychological thriller and have already written a poetry anthology.  The poetry is quite dark and I need to consider before publishing (self ) as it is an insight into so many facets of my mind it frightens me.  It is not about me per say but rather about the different emotions I have encountered, shared, felt or just observed.  It is such a shame that poetry is almost unfashionable these days because like music it has a soothing element that this busy world has need of.

Talking about poetry I had the opportunity to meet a most delightful person through my daughter.  He is a master of many things not excluding writing poetry.  I thought I would share some of Gavin's work.  He has given me permission to pick a few to afford the audience an opportunity to look at some of the things that have caught his fancy.

rock shelf
afternoon light spills over
the barnacles

curve of sand
an advancing tide steals
the sunset's colours

You may have noticed he likes the Haiku medium although the book is not limited to haiku, but I can see why he favours this very lovely form.  The simple manipulation of words creates a picture that is quite beautiful and poignant without distractions,

my father's suits packed
for the salvos

That last one brought back memories of my father.  We found eighty dollars in his best suit pocket, the one he was buried in and the one, that always made him look like a professor especially when he wore the gold rimmed glasses.  That money was offered to me at a family wedding because I had bought the wedding gift and he knew with three kids that money was often tight.  I told him no and tucked it back into his top pocket and he allowed me my pride.  It was so surreal to see that neatly folded cash still there.  I don't even know why we checked the pockets. Small, concise and simple words by Gavin but words that brought a wealth of emotions to me, enough for tears.

If you would like to read more then look for Shadow Play by Gavin Austin.  It is published by Dragonwick Publishing. Take note to read the dedication page as it real draws out feelings.

Anyway enough for now, at least till next time and please do forgive me for wandering all over the place with my thoughts,


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