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Being subjective, a help or a hindrance?

When I began this blog I mentioned that I had a soft spot for Indie authors.  I think it is so brave to self-publish because it means taking the reins in your own hands.  That is not an easy feat in any field or profession and certainly not easy when you basically bare your soul the way writers so often do.

However I do read other books and am still a fan of traditional and always try to review whenever I can.  Good reviews or bad reviews can help authors more than most people realise no matter the publishing method.  Normally I would keep my reviews separate to the blog but this time I thought I would share a portion of what I wrote for an author I have been following since book one.  One of the reason that I am choosing to do this is because I think the book is absolutely great.  I feel almost like a sense of family pride knowing I have followed Lindsay since the beginning and have witnessed the growth. The other reason is that it gives insight into what I think is good, something that is totally subjective and I will be the first to say so, and it would be constructive and useful to see what others think.  Please feel free to comment on this post.  I would love it.

The full review is on Amazon and if you want to read it just go to my link by clicking on it and then follow it. 

The following is an extract for Blood Dark  by Lindsay J Pryor published by Bookouture

 Lindsay has the power to create characters so enthralling and her writing is so intense and so rich in description and actions that the superb world-building becomes your world.  This world is so real that the thought the experience might end too soon is very difficult to accept.  You slow down the reading yet you still find yourself racing to finish things so you can get back to the book anyway.  It is a losing battle because you discover the wait for this one has been worth every written word the author has slaved and stressed over.  

Our heartstrings are pulled taut as we follow and savour the twisting and often dark corners called pages.  They beckon the reader with power, greed, and love, deep abiding and engrossing love demonstrated in beautifully expressed physical actions that defy hot.  Kane and Caitlin are an addiction that hold us prisoner.  We are literally chained or tied to the bed post, unable to breathe, waiting with bated breath for the next moment in Blood Dark that will bring us pleasure so painful that we don’t know whether to laugh or cry, believe or ignore, trust or run from.  Just like the characters in this narrative we are torn, confused and questioning when all we want is to believe it will all turn out fine in the end.
        The author is a master at generating tension but I have news for her... I can wait for more.  BUT I do need to know more is coming and, with any luck, if it’s as good as the fifth book in the series then, as someone totally dedicated to the idea that connection is what cements a writer as a writer then I am a very lucky reader.

      You can see that I value connection above all things.  Whatever the genre, whatever the plot I think if we can believe in the behaviors and actions of the characters we bind to the book and then the world that we know is not real becomes real.  This is powerful because it offers escape even for a few hours.  That same escape can be called a sanctuary, and don't we need one in this day and age? 

My question to the readers out there is do you agree?  Is it that simple?  Is creating the connection the most most important thing?

I am ready to put my novel out there.  Well, close as I still have to sort out my cover but I still worry I have done enough because for me it is all about my characters.  The only problem is if I have done them justice.  Can I stop someone's heart with my male lead.  God I hope so because Blood Dark's Kane has given me some wonderful moments.  If you don't believe me then give the book a try and let me know.


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