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Racing towards the end....

It's been a while since I added a  piece, so I thought I'd better get my act together.
The reason for my absence is simple. The fantasy I am working on at the moment is speeding along at a fine pace and after consultation with Kay and Barb and new ideas, the story is evolving.  I started this story a few years ago and put it aside for a while. Life interrupts as it does, and I was distracted. Now I have returned to it with new vigour and vim.
The first decision I faced after a critique by Kay, was to get rid of the first two chapters. I threw them out, and other chapters quickly followed. Of course the story now had a different twist and new chapters have been created and are evolving into a story slightly different from the original.
One of the best things I have discovered with critiquing is the confirmation that a change is needed in certain areas. I certainly have come a long way since my first critique. It doesn't mean I agree with everything, but it leads me to think about what I'm trying to create. Combined with Barb quizzing me continuously about my characters and events, I feel the story is finally coming together.
My paranormal one, is not forgotten and the storyboard for that series still decorates my wall. But this fantasy would not let me give my paranormal story the attention it needed. It kept popping into my head. There is nothing more frustrating when I'm writing about a vampire ripping the heart from his prey, and I'm interrupted by 'how many moons will Maska have?'
In the end, I followed Maska. That world was getting too pushy to be ignored.
While I'm still a while away from a copy that I feel comfortable with, like Kay and Barb. I've been set a deadline - January.
Time will tell if I make it or not. Hopefully by then Kay will have an Agent, and Barb will have self published or be close to.
In the meantime Maska has my full attention.
Until next time.
Now I've got to be brave to push the publish button.
Publish it!
Just push the *^%@ button.......

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