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Secondary Characters

Barb's blog about secondary characters was interesting. But what happens when your secondary characters end up playing a much larger role than first planned?  That is one of the problems I'm having with my vampire series at the moment.
I have mention on previous blogs I am currently stuck on the rewriting of books 2 and 3 and combining them together as I wasn't happy with it. Not enough ump and too much 'filling' in book 2. Yet it is through the secondary characters one of the main characters comes into his power, so to speak. Mind you I wrote it over ten years ago, so my writing has improved (or at least I hope so). While my secondary characters don't  play a large part in the overall story, they are still important with the plot. Without them, my main characters can't advance forward in their story.
So I have to weave them around the main characters. But how much do I weave?  And I have to be careful as books 3 and 4 are already written and the plots finalised. Obviously there will be slight changes but the essence of the story must stay the same.
I am left with quandary. And here is where I could use some feedback from readers of our blog.
Do I condense the story and explore the secondary characters and their fatal interactions with my main characters and make book 2 a novella?
Or do I try to continue to try to meld the books 2 and 3 together and make a larger novel?
Questions. Questions.
And all because my secondary characters couldn't keep their noses out of where they weren't wanted.

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