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Forgotten? I hope not!


23rd December 2016

Hi all,
This is my last post for this year and I wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone that has visited this site.  It’s been a dream to get this going and I can’t believe it has happened even though I am aware that it is early days and some work needs to be done to improve the blog.  All of us here wish everyone out there the best for Christmas and if Christmas is not for you then for the New Year.    May it bring you and those you love every happiness.

This last post is another review but about a book that is totally different to the review I recently posted.  I am eclectic and sometimes it seriously confuses me but there it is, I like different things and that includes styles and genres.  This next book is by an author favourite of mine who usually writes paranormal.  This novel certainly is in that genre but she has also written a time travel series that was an excellent read.

Caroline has a way with characters that for me guarantees automatic connection and I think most of you have worked out by now that this is my thing – reader and character connection.  I can forgive anything if that is strong.  This is something I think Caroline Hanson has done from the beginning and if you like this next book then go back and read her previous books, well if you are like me you won’t be able to stop yourself.  Her men are not always the most pleasant of creatures but yet there are elements that bind the female lead and us in the process often against our wills.

I did a survey not so long ago and one of the questions involved choosing books.  For me once I love an author I become a glutton for punishment but usually it is more pleasure than pain.  As always click on the site below to go to Amazon where you can purchase Forgotten by Caroline Hanson.  You will find the review there but just in case this is what I had to say.

Loving this book and can't wait for more! (5 stars)

From the moment you begin reading this you are seriously enthralled, or at least I was. How can you not be when you are presented with so many elements in this that keep us continually guessing even when we know the answers, and further sends chills down our spine in fear and then accelerates the heartbeat in expectation? If this all sounds like a contradiction then in a way it is and this very contradiction is the charm that holds the reader spellbound in the novel. 

Amnesia, vampires, an alpha male and malevolent beings are all there and no this is not by any means a spoiler.  This is a paranormal romance so we expect certain things.  I am merely pointing out that we get them.  We get them and then we are taken on this complex, confusing ride of emotions and events interwoven with an attraction so tangible that it jumps off the page and suddenly, we have to keep reading until we can't turn another page. In this world of less than originality simply because so much has been already done and technology gets it out there so immediately it is refreshing and incredibly satisfying to have a book include elements we like and want and twist them into an addiction.   We get to the end knowing full well we now have to wait to know more and we hate the author for it. 

We need our fix and soon.  Of course we do, she knows it and so do we.  She has us at her mercy.

Buy this book by clicking on  the Barbarina The Land of Oz at the front of the blog under reviews.  To see the review on line click on My book reviews.
For more from Caroline see the list of websites and blogs on the left hand side of our front page.  I love sharing and hope this novel brings the fun and enjoyment in your free  time as all my authors bring to me.

Until the New Year,

Best wishes and tanti auguri


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