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What Happened?


What happened to us?  We were so filled with excitement of getting together and supporting each other as we took a step closer to the illusive ‘I am a published author’ dream.  Now, I feel overwhelmed with: do we go Kindle? Smashwords? Why aren’t I writing more blogs? Ahhh. Okay there has been no pressure put on me by my friends.  Its pressure I’ve put on myself.

I keep remembering the ‘bliss’ before we became a group. When I would just write and think, one day. I equate it to being a child. I had the ideas, I had the basic knowledge, I was keen and I was dreaming. Eventually I have to grow up.

Have I felt as if I have improved in my writing? Yes. And I’ve achieved that with the help of Barb and Kay.

But improving my writing is only part of the adventure and the other part is terrifying.

Suddenly it has become very serious. Even though this is what we were aiming for. To get to this point is an achievement in itself. I am now more confident to summit a book to a publisher. So I’ll go the rounds first, and see if a publisher might be interested. If not, then I’ll think about self-publishing.

In the meantime, if we explore self-publishing through the anthologies we have planned, we cover both experiences.

As to some publishers not wanting to publish even if through eBooks, I know of a few authors who began their careers with eBooks and now are published through a mainstream publisher. And vice versa.

Whatever way we go, there will be downfalls. We can think as logically as we like, but logic doesn’t always work either.  

So let's try traditional publishing for a while, meanwhile we also work on self-publishing our anthology.

Let’s test the waters. It might be murky, but it might be clear too. We will never know unless we just do it.
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