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New Year Resolutions


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I have never been a big fan of resolutions, mainly because I never seem able to keep them. Once, long ago, I actually kept up a resolution of going for a walk every day for two days.  Unfortunately, I forgot to account for tropical rain.
This year I decided to concentrate on personal achievements instead.
1.  I would like to go a whole year without an anxiety attack.
2.  Publish an anthology with Barb and Kay (and Khalen).
3.  Start another anthology.
4.  Finish my vampire novel and make ready for publishing.
5.  Finalise my fantasy novel.
6.  Recommence study for a Cert IV.
7.  Learn about Facebook.
8.  Try not to swear.
So far I’ve had two anxiety attacks; made drastic changes to my fantasy novel;  can’t find my study books for the Cert IV; and sworn like a trooper.
Oh well, I still have four achievements left.

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