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The dreaded POV or is there more...


As we get closer to actually releasing our anthology and going through the processes necessary to do that, so many things keep popping up that only reinforce how difficult the world of writing actually is.  Our little group of four (we are joined in this venture by a young friend) takes a giant step forward and then finds a dozen or so reasons to leap back.  We have so much to still sort out but daunting as that may seem our confidence doesn’t get hit as hard these days despite the steps backwards, but we do take them.  We accept now that we have entered a complex, competitive, confusing and all too often confounding world.  We also accept it is by choice so we need to suck it up, buttercup, or so the expression tells us.

Over the next few posts I will probably get a rant up on various topics as they rear their ugly head but my current little nuisance of a problem is the POV.  I know I have previously posted on the point of view but honestly you could post forever and still find yourself tripping over this particular problem, or at least I can.  Reflecting on weaknesses however is so incredibly important.  No matter how well you know something in your head it doesn’t necessarily prevent you making the error over and over again and recognising this is an integral part of being able to call yourself a writer.

Point of View impacts strongly on the text and anything that impacts on the text impacts on the reader.  A POV can interrupt the path to maintaining tension, to fully understanding characters, plot and easily tears at the delicate threads writers desperately weave to connect our readers to our stories.  If I understand all this then why do I go wrong?   In my own head as I write I am positive who is talking and what they are saying and how they are saying it and most of the time it is pretty much okay.  Yes not the most descriptive word I can use but okay has a connotation for me.  It implies deep down I know something isn’t really right. I am scared to stop and think a little more, but am too honest not to make a note of sorts. It means part of me knows I have to delve deeper and the word okay keeps me honest.  I don’t want to be okay because I am afraid of a little hard work but damn it I wish I could settle for just okay.  I can’t so here I am once again trying to find answers.

You see, I have come to the conclusion that the problem is far more I first suspected and that this affects other things like my choice of syntax, expression, world-building and let’s just stop  right there before it becomes overwhelming.  If I am aware of the mechanics why do I go off track so easily? What causes it? I am sure so many of you out there suffer the same frustrations. If I go back to the point of view and use it as the general dogsbody for this post I find I understand me and the problems I encounter a little better.  It is really hard to take the POV into account when writing the events, the plot, the characters, and when creating dialogue. It all goes so fast in your head that the fingers can’t keep up and seem to jot words down in ways you had not intended.  This makes things difficult because the POV is so much more; it is about whose head you are in whilst reading the story and if you as a writer get it wrong then what chance does a reader have then in understanding those events, that plot, those characters and doesn’t the dialogue just become a series of words?  Add to this the mix of items that go into writing and no wonder the frustrations hit harder and you wonder what you were thinking to ever believe you could write.

This is the crazy part of this world.  It is a cycle of confidence and doubt, excitement and terror and let’s not leave out love and hate, two emotions that are at war inside of a writer every minute he or she breathe.  And now the real crux of this post reveals itself.  We have a deadline for release, our own but still a deadline and so every fault in the manuscript becomes glaring and holding a hammer to batter us with.  I had to step away and look at this as I was starting to feel consumed with doubts, more so than normal. This hampers the thinking process enormously but surprisingly it also cleared away some of the clouds. I realised something. I am already three sentences ahead of where the fingers are still typing.  I am jumping onto the proverbial bandwagon of negatives because it is all really going to happen.  The Point of View is just a symbol of possibilities that can go wrong but so what when I am willing to look and re-look, test the waters and take on board whatever is thrown at me. What then is so terrible?  Does it all sound totally insane?  It’s not.  This is about remaining consciously conscious of your reader at all times and wanting to give them your best.  It won’t happen if we second guess every word and run at the first sign of hey this is serious and we are really doing this day. 

So yes I stuff up the POV in my writing quite often. However I also understand the importance of getting it right whether in a narration or a dialogue.  I have just finished a book that I was misguided into reading but I like to give new things a chance.  The inanity of the conversation of the leading characters in and out of their heads was too much.  Who cares what happened to them?  Their conversation was killing me. It wasn’t merely contradictory and at times plain silly but they sounded just like each other and if it wasn’t for the he said, she said you would not know who is speaking, and even then I was still confused.  I have a voice and I use it gently where I can to speak up so my role as a reader stays most vividly alive.  All of you out there have voices and if I make mistakes then yell out and be heard. I want to hear you because being a reader is the greatest joy no matter the genre.  If you do speak up you will have someone that listens. My lovely group and I are publishing an anthology very soon and I (very nerve-wracked) hope to follow that up with Unexpected Obsession, from my Unexpected Series a few weeks later.  Every bit of input now ensures a better reading experience for you or at least that is what I pray for most nights.

Until next time,

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