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Romancing the Wolvers


This will be a short post as I only did one a few days ago but I have just finished reading a book by one of my favourite authors and I wanted to do a review.  If you did read my last post you will know that the review was one of the things I talked about.  Some authors don’t like them, even ignore them and some like me see the value both for the author and the reader.  A writer can use the experience to improve and a reader creates that experience.  I personally always review the books I read but as I said last post I probably confuse people with my ratings. My reading is so varied and it is hard to explain why I may give the same rating to two books totally diverse. I rate for the journey I take and the willingness created in me by the book to forsake everything for those few moments I live in another world. I trust in reviews as a way of keeping writers on track, good writers in particular.  They are the ones that take note of our reactions and work to work to keep us as readers happy.

Jacqueline Rhoades is one of my favourite people because she delivers. She listens to her readers and cares about them.  I have felt this from the first book I read of hers.   The last two weeks have been particularly hard for me for reasons I don’t need to go into as they are part of my other life where I battle to pay bills and generally just to survive.  That other life belongs to the reader in me and though the writer provides the vehicle through this post, it is the reader that steers it.  So when Wolver’s Reward came out I grabbed the chance to continue the series hoping for some time out and as always wasn’t disappointed.  My full review appears on Amazon but I have a small segment below for you to have a read of.  What I will say here is that it left me smiling.  Jackie if you are reading this post I love your quirky heroes and the quirky women who love them.  Your stories are warm and fuzzy, a kind of paranormal “Little House on the Prairie” and I never fail to feel good when I finish the books that have made up this series.  To people reading this post I will say that if you want a slightly less hard-core paranormal romance and are not worried to be thought a sappy lover of love then you will love this.  Action is still in plenty and the men are hot and their women appreciative of how well that hotness translates to them.  What a lovely way to chill!

Wolver’s Reward
Jacqueline Rhoades

More news from our wonderful wolvers

To keep books that are part of a series fresh and exciting is a difficult feat but once again this author delivers in the latest of the Wolver books Wolver’s Reward.  This is paranormal at its addictive warmest.  The characters are so delightful, a word I have used often when reviewing this writer. River and Reb are vulnerable, sweet, sassy and so strong.  When need demands it River is a leader and when a different need demands it Reb rises to the challenge of accepting all that her man is.  She sees and understands his fears and when the time comes reaps the rewards.  Often as brutal as they are brave the Wolver’s world is an appealing one – why not as it is all about the pack and for pack we can substitute family.  (Click on this for more of the review) or to purchase click on the following link

In so many ways this post has been what I needed to relax my fears.  They still exist,  I still fear not be able to take my reader on the journey that connects the real world to the one of fantasy but enjoying the process someone else has created gives me hope that I can do this.  I know the difference so the rest may follow.

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P.S. So as promised I have kept this post short but don’t expect me to keep it up next time.    

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